Nepal is the birthplace of the Enlightened one or the Sakyamuni Buddha. Not only this, this land has been a centre of great consecration and several Buddhist saints have practiced the dharma in shrines and monasteries of Nepal. As such the sacred land of Nepal has a chain of Buddhist holy sites, shrines and monasteries. These sacred spots are scattered in the Terai, midland and highland. We have presented here the important Buddhist sites with their references and bibliography.

S.N. Name of the Site Location
1 Lumbini and Its Environs Lumbini
2 Bauddha Bauddha, Kathmandu
3 Hiranyavarna Mahavihara Kwalkhu, Lalitpur
4 Svayambhu Svayambhu, kathmandu
5 Four
Karunamayas of the Valley
Bungamati, Patan
8 Namo Buddha Kathmandu
9 Mahabauddha Okubahal, Lalitpur
10 Rudravarna Mahavihara Okubahal, Lalitpur
11 Tengboche Monastery Solukhumbhu
12 Sankhu Vajrayogini Temple Sankhu
13 Muktinath Jomsom
15 Chabahil Stupa Chabahil, Kathmandu


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