Nagarjuna Institute has been participating in the conferences held abroad and in the native country on the Buddhist theme at times. Apart from the participation, it also organizes the ones and informs the people or the viewers in this case about the Buddhist conferences organized here and abroad. So that interested people may take part in them. On that basis, we have divided this page into three following categories:
NIBS’s participation at the Buddhist conferences held here and abroad
Conferences organized and sponsored by Nagarjuna Institute
Announcement of Buddhist Conference (Local and International)

1. Conference on Higher Education in Modern Asia, Fo Kuang Shan, 1998
2. PNC Annual Conference & Joint Meetings, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999
3. EFEO Conference on Buddhist Monastic Architecture, Bangkok, Thailand, 1999
4. PNC Annual Conference & Joint Meetings, UC Berkley, USA, 2000
5. Sakyadhita Conference at Lumbini, Nepal, 2000
6. International Conference on East West Transition & Joint Meetings, Banglore, India, 2000
7. PNC Annual Conference & Joint Meetings, University of Hong Kong, 2001
8. International Conference on Buddhist art on South Asia, Tibet House, New Delhi, India, 2001
9. International Conference on Buddhism and literature, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, 2001
10. International Conference on Globalization of Digital Network , Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2002
11. PNC/EBTI Annual Conference & Joint Meetings, Osaka City University & University of Shimane, Japan, 2002
Conferences organized and sponsored by Nagarjuna Institute
A Seminar on Interaction of Buddhism between Nepal and Tibet was for the first time convened for the period of 2 days (May 18-19, 1995) at Blue Star Hotel. The conference was organized by Nagarjuna Institute to explore and deepen the Buddhist relationship between Nepal and Tibet…….MORE
Announcement of Buddhist Conference(Local & International)