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Second Level: The Intermediate Level

The Second Level or the Intermediate Level is the course for colloquial Tibetan language in which the students learn to speak Tibetan colloquial language. The basic text book is Manual of Standard Tibetan and many other reference books which the teachers will prescribe as the course progresses. Students are required to have basic reading level to take this course. Areas of grammar that will covered with simple set of relevant vocabulary are: greetings, range of to be verbs, connectors, tenses, agentive particles, possessive particles, locative particles, nominal particles, postposition particles and secondary verbs. The postpositional aspect of Tibetan sentence structure, to be verb ending variations depending on the subject in a sentence and removal of pronoun usage will be covered. Aside from class time practice students will be assigned to listen to short Tibetan audio and video clips to improve their listening skills.