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The Novice and Lower Intermediate Level:
In this level, This course is laid out for students new to Tibetan and there is no prerequisite. Studying the pronunciation of consonants and vowels will be the foundation of this course. With this, the students will learn the different components of syllable building and the spelling rules quite unique to Tibetan: prefixes, suffixes, second suffixes, superscripts, subscripts, and the folded letters. While reading through The Divine Tree text, we will learn how some root letters changes it sounds and how adding different component to a root letter changes the overall sound of the syllable. We will also learn how the prefix of second syllable, when the first syllable has no suffix in a word changes the sound of word. The Syllabus is as follows:

1. Letters
2. Vowels
3. Superscripts
5. Folded Letters
6. Suffixes
7. Second Suffixes
8. Prefixes
9. Reading Tibetan sentences in books and folded manuscripts (peksa)
10. Learning some common Tibetan colloquial sentences and some Technical Buddhist and colloquial words.