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Thursday, September 1st, 2022. Chakupat.

Today, the orientation program for the Tibetan language course was successfully held in the lecture room of Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies. Lobpön Tsering Rawan gave a brief orientation about the three-semester course that NIBS is conducting. He also introduced all the audience present, 15 in number, to his lesson plan for the first semester, which features Tibetan Scripts that, according to him, must be completed within 20 days in a month. The first semester is designed to work as a foundation for both the second semester featuring the Tibetan language course and the third semester featuring the Dharma language. Lotsawa Tika Sherpa also highlighted the importance of the course, giving a brief historical account of the Tibetan language. His motivational speech inspired all listeners.  Mr. Milan Shakya, Director of NIBS, introduced the participants to the orientation class and the teachers while giving his vote of thanks to them. The class is going to start tomorrow at 8 AM. The class will be one and a half hours long. Note: The first-semester course fee featuring the Tibetan script is Rs. 3000.00.