Vol.10.No.1and2- 1999/2000

The present issue has appeared after a long gap. The publisher apologizes for its delayed publication. Anyway, we have increased its volume by including a substantially lengthy book review article as well as little known information about a well known Nepalese Siddha Suratavajra by a dedicated explorer Matthew Akester. It seems that scholars working on […]

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Vol.9.No.1and2- 1998

A serious student of Buddhism versed in Tantric Vajrayana can find a vast resource materials for study and research in the valley of Kathmandu. Its abundant Tantric Buddhist scriptures dating as early as eleventh century archived at Nepal archeological department, Asha Saphu Kuthi, Keshar Library, National Library and with private collections are, indeed, treasure troves […]

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Vol.8.No.1and2- 1997

After the Chinese takeover of Tibet, there seems to be an increasing trend of Tibetan refugees taking shelter in Nepal where they could find their asylums as their own homeland. More Buddhist monasteries have been built by Tibetans in gigantic scale than local Nepalese Buddhist themselves. In Bodhnath Stupa area alone more than forty monasteries […]

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Vol.7.No.1and2- 1996

As we go to press with our 96 issue, news of the death of outstanding Buddhist Master Ven. Urgyen Tulku Rinpoche was on the air. Buddhists of the world were for the moment stunned. Thousands of devotees flocked to the White monastery at Bodhnath, Kathmandu to witness his death ceremony. At this we cannot but […]

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Vol.6.No.1and2- 1994-95

Over the last few decades Kathmandu valley has become the meeting place of Tibetan as well as western Buddhists for the Buddhist Studies. Renowned Tibetan Buddhist Masters were busy here offering initiations, conducting seminars and teaching sessions. In this year alone, more than thousand initiations on Rinchen Terdzod, Drub Thab Kun Tus, Nyingma gyud ‘bum […]

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