SAMYAK FESTIVAL OF LALITPUR By: Min Bahadur Shakya**   Introduction Of all the Buddhist festivals of the Kathmandu Valley, the Samyak or Dipankara festival seems to be unique in many ways. A special highlight of this festival is the display of many large images of Dipankara in the courtyard of Nagbahal. The word ‘Samyak’ implies […]

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You have to register for the class by duly filling out the application form. The class will start only after all the students have registered their names. You have to fill out application form either in the NIEM office at Chakupat or download the PDF Application File online, print, fill out and submit it to […]

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PRESERVATION OF SANSKRIT BUDDHIST MANUSCRIPTS IN THE KATHMANDU VALLEY : ITS IMPORTANCE AND FUTURE By: Min Bahadur Shakya**   The Introduction : Background We come to know through Buddhist history that enormous amount of Buddhist literature that was created in Sanskrit beginning right from the period starting from Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana and continuing till the 11th […]

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NEWAR BUDDHISM: PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES By: Min Bahadur Shakya** OVER THE LAST FEW DECADES, the Kathmandu valley has become the meeting place of Tibetan and Western Buddhists for the study of Buddhism. Renowned Tibetan Buddhist masters are busy offering initiations, conducting seminars and teaching sessions. Serious Western Dharma practitioners participating in these initiations and seminars […]

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MONASTICISM IN NEWAR BUDDHISM : A HISTORICAL ANALYSIS* By: Min Bahadur Shakya** The Introduction Newar Buddhism is to be classified in the tradition of Indian Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism deriving its lineages from Siddha tradition of Nalanda and Vikramashila monastic universities. However, it has developed its peculiar characteristics which are one of a kind in […]

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