Thrangu Rinpoche

The Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche was born in Kham, Tibet, in 1933. At the age of five, he was formally recognized by His Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa and Tai Situpa as the ninth incarnation of the great Thrangu tulku. He entered Thrangu monastery, where, from the ages of seven to sixteen, he studied reading, writing, […]

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Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche In the 7th lunar month of 1951, Tulku Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche was born into the Tsangsar family as the first-born son of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche whose family has, for many generations, held the now rare Barom Kagyu lineage. At 18 months of age, Chökyi Nyima — Sun of the Dharma — was […]

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Khangser Tulku Rinpoche

The highly venerated Tenzin Tsultrim Palden also known as Khangser Rinpoche (which means yellow house) was born in 1975. In 1980, he was recognized as the 8th reincarnation of Khangser Rinpoche. It is known that the 7th incarnation of Khangser Rinpoche was one of the three highly respected lamas who were responsible for locating the […]

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