The important Buddhist Books are online now. They are either in HTML format or the PDF format. You are required to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the books in PDF format. To download PDF Book simply rightclick on the link and choose ‘Save Target As’. Iconography of Nepalese BuddhismThe purpose of this book is […]

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Buddhist Sites

Nepal is the birthplace of the Enlightened one or the Sakyamuni Buddha. Not only this, this land has been a centre of great consecration and several Buddhist saints have practiced the dharma in shrines and monasteries of Nepal. As such the sacred land of Nepal has a chain of Buddhist holy sites, shrines and monasteries. […]

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Meditation Center

Today, even though we may have different sort of facilities brought by the science & technology, but our minds are still poor and buffeted with the defilements We cannot live peacefully with these defilements in our mind. So Meditation helps us to settle them and come closer to wisdom and live a life with ease […]

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The membership of the Nagarjuna Institute, both public and private, affiliated institutions concerned with education, cultural exchange and international. A common theme for members is an interest in the fostering of improved exchange of scholarly Buddhist information of mutual interest. Qualified organizations and individuals are welcome to apply for membership in the NIEM. MEMBERSHIP LIST […]

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In memory of

Late Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya

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