November 5, 2015

There was an old house in Pinche, Lalitpur. Before earthquake, the family containing mother, father, brother, his wife with small child and daughter with a child were living happily. But after a repeated stroke of Earthquake, the whole building collapsed. Now, the family have nowhere to live, no shelter, not even a tent. Their suffering was immeasurable. This was evident from the way the mother cried. The child was so mentally shocked now that he has stopped eating for many days. Now, somehow, they managed to find a shelter in the dark dirty and extremely cold basement of another person’s house where they live and sleep together. They were living with great difficulty in that congested and extremely stinking environment in the summer, but due to winter, they found it difficult to spend night due to extreme cold. Moved with compassion by their suffering, the GCRFEV donated them blankets and sacks of rice.

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