Sunday, November 8, 2015

The GCRFEV distributed sacks of rice to the earthquake victims of Pinchhe which was severely hit by the earthquakes of April 25, 2015 and many huge and minor aftershocks following it. They are four family. All of them are staying in rent under huge financial crises. There are only children in one of the families whose parents have recently died rendering them orphans. They really have such a huge threat of financial crisis that sometimes, they are finding it difficult even to make their both ends meet. On the top of that, the excruciating fuel problem of Nepal has aggravated their financial difficulties all the more. Even the rich are facing a huge problem in Nepal, what to speak of those earthquake victims who have no house and have to rent another persons’ houses because their houses have either already collapsed or become damaged to such degree that they are declared unusable. Following are some pictures of house in Pinchhe where two of the abovementioned families used to live in but not now seriously damaged so much so that they were unusable and the families were forced to be evacuated.

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