Saturday, December 26, 2015

On Saturday, December 26, 2015, the GCRFEV team visited HRDC (Hospital and Rehabilation Center for Disabled Children) under the guidance of Mr. Bikash M Singh (Director of HRDC)
and distributed blankets for the disabled children receiving treatment free of cost there in the hospital about 75 in number. Mr. Bikash, the Director, also guided us to the different wards, OPD, Lecture hall, and different areas of the hospital including Operation theater and Kitchen of the hospital. Mr. Bikash and the most qualified doctors of orthopaedic, paediatrical, gynacology and other fields have been selfless visiting the rural and remote areas of Nepal most affected by earthquake and providing medical treatment there. The Chairperson of the hospital is the famous orthopaedic doctor Dr. Ashok Banskota. The following is some brief intro to the hospital.

Friends of the Disabled (FoD) is registered in the year 2049 with the Kathmandu District Office, Government of Nepal as a non-profit making and non-political Non-Governmental Organization. It was registered under the Organization Registration Act of 2034 B.S. (1978), and under the National Directives Act of Nepal, 1961 (2018). It received affiliation to the Social Welfare Council (SWC), the apex body of national and international NGOs working in Nepal. Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC) is the only program of the Friends of the Disabled (FoD) with the vision to Create a society in which individuals (especially, children) with disabilities and their guardians live as equal citizens with optimum quality of life, independence and participation.
It is often said that nothing happens, unless there is a dream first. At the genesis of the HRDC story there was a dream. A dream so powerful, that it helped transform the medical landscape in Nepal in pediatric disability management. The dream nurtured and grew within Professor Dr. Ashok Kumar Banskota, the founder chairman of FoD/HRDC. The services were initiated at Jorpati as the hospital for Disabled Children (HDC) way back in 1985 by the Terre des hommes (Tdh), a Switzerland based charitable trust specialized in children’s issues. For details please visit

This is the largest hospital in Nepal serving the disabled children free of cost and also pioneer in providing free medical treatment of the Earthquake victim children out of selfless motive.

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