Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Today, The Tibetan Language classes organized by Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies has formally started today. The course levels are Novice and Intermediate Level. At the Novice level which is going to last for about one and half month, the students will learn Tibetan scripts and word composition intensively. Then they will learn Tibetan grammar and sentences. Today Mr. Karma Lama Sherpa has started teaching the Tibetan Script. The class routine is as follows: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mr. Karma Lama Sherpa will teach Tibetan script and word composition on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday while on Friday, Mr. Tika Sherpa and Mr. Milan Shakya will teach basic Tibetan vocabularies including some Buddhist technical terms and their meaning plus some basic colloquial Tibetan sentences to enable the students to be mentally prepared for the Intermediate level which will start after one and half month.