Concerning Buddhism in Himalayan regions, there are yet more researches to be done. Few information are available about Buddhism in Bhutan, Ladakh, Manang, Mustang, Solukhumbu and other Himalayan regions. We have planned to publish those articles in question in successive issues of our journal. In this issue, we have included an article on the life of famous Nepalese Siddha Advayavajra who was the guru of both Marpa and Atisa, on the basis of Sanskrit and Tibetan sources. Among his numerous… More

Contents of the Current Issue :
1. Life and Teachings of Nepalese Siddha Advayavajra Download PDF
– Min Bahadur Shakya

2. Ten Verses on Reality: Tattva Dasaka Download PDF
– [Trans.] Dr. Mark Tatz

3. The Buddhist Heritage Download PDF
– Dr. Lewis Lancaster

4. Eight Medicine Buddhas Download PDF
– Dr. Natalia Bolsokhoyeva

5. World Peace Download PDF
– Dr. Rewat Dhamma

6. Towards an Economy of Compassion Download PDF
– Dr. Stanislav Menshikov

7. The Qualities of Buddhahood Download PDF
– Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche

8. Dharmadhatuvagisvara Mandala Download PDF
– Musashi Tachikawa

9. Ven. Hye Cho: A First Korean to Visit Nepal Download PDF
– Harihar Raj Joshi

10. Bhavasankranti Sutram Download PDF
– [Sanskrit Manuscript]