Over the last few decades Kathmandu valley has become the meeting place of Tibetan as well as western Buddhists for the Buddhist Studies. Renowned Tibetan Buddhist Masters were busy here offering initiations, conducting seminars and teaching sessions. In this year alone, more than thousand initiations on Rinchen Terdzod, Drub Thab Kun Tus, Nyingma gyud ‘bum and others were offered covering a period of more than six months by eminent gurus like H. H. Sakya Trizin, H. H. Padma Norbu… More

Contents of the Current Issue :
1. Bajracharya Transmission in XIth Century Chobar:: Bharo ‘Maimed Hand’s main Disciple Vajrakirti, the translator from Rwa Download PDF
– Hubert Decleer

2. Sitatapatra Sadhana Download PDF
– Ven. Karma Thinley Rinpoche

3. Adi-Buddha & Principal Buddhist Deities: Concept and Practice in Vajrayana Buddhism in Nepal Download PDF
– Ramesh Bajracharya

4. Eco-crisis: The Buddhist Solution and Man’s Responsibility Download PDF
– Prof. Ariyasena

5. Preserving the Tradition of Patan: The Astamatrika Dance Download PDF
– Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya

6. Song of Experience Download PDF
– Ven. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

7. Madhyamika Buddhism vis-à-vis Hindu Vendanta Download PDF
– Sridhar Rana

8. Pratimalaksanam (Introduction, Text and Translation) Download PDF
– [Rare Sanskrit Manuscript from Nepal] – By Jitendra Nath Banerjee M.A