After the Chinese takeover of Tibet, there seems to be an increasing trend of Tibetan refugees taking shelter in Nepal where they could find their asylums as their own homeland. More Buddhist monasteries have been built by Tibetans in gigantic scale than local Nepalese Buddhist themselves. In Bodhnath Stupa area alone more than forty monasteries have been built. Almost all the Tibetan Buddhist sects can be found here. In some Monasteries Tibetan teachers and Lamas provide Buddhist Studies… More

Contents of the Current Issue :
1. Atisa’s Arrival in Nepal Download PDF
– Hubert Decleer

2. Hodgson’s Blind Alley? On the so called schools of Nepalese Buddhism Download PDF
– David Gellner, Oxford University

3. On the Decorative Style of Buryat Buddhist Art Download PDF
– Badmazapov

4. Himalayan Frontier Trade: Newar Diaspora Merchants and Buddhism
Download PDF
– Prof. Todd Lewis, Center for Oriental and African Studies

5. Humanistic Momentum in the Buddhist Literature Download PDF
– Humanistic Momentum in the Buddhist Literature

6. A Note on Sristikanta Lokesvara Download PDF
– Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya, Nagarjuna Institute

7. A Hymn to Aryavalokitesvara Download PDF
– [Sanskrit Text and English Translation by Min Bahadur Shakya]