A serious student of Buddhism versed in Tantric Vajrayana can find a vast resource materials for study and research in the valley of Kathmandu. Its abundant Tantric Buddhist scriptures dating as early as eleventh century archived at Nepal archeological department, Asha Saphu Kuthi, Keshar Library, National Library and with private collections are, indeed, treasure troves of Sanskrit Buddhist manuscripts in Nepal. Before the dawn of democracy in 1951… More

Contents of the Current Issue :
1. Atisa’s Arrival in Nepal : Viryasimha’s Death Download PDF
– Hubert Decleer

2. Essence of Dharma Download PDF
– Translated by Lochen Tulku

3. Buddhist Nuns in the Kathmandu Valley Download PDF
– Dr. Sarah LeVine

4. Imprint of Ajanta in Tibetan Art Download PDF
– Mr. Eva Fernanadez del Campo Barbadillo

5. Buddhism and AIDS Download PDF
– Mr. Jerome Decor

6. The Smaller Sukhavati Vyuha Sutra Download PDF
– [Introduction, Sanskrit Text and English Translation by Min Bahadur Shakya]