Buddhist Himalaya

The Buddhist Himalaya is one of the several projects of Nagarjuna Institute and is intended to promote Buddhist studies in the Himalayan countries namely Nepal, Northern India, Tibet and Bhutan and to present the articles in the area of Philosophy, Art, Iconography, History, Biography, Monuments and Manuscripts. We’d like to hear reader’s comments and suggestions for the further development of the journal. NIBS welcomes the submission of the articles and research papersin English adequately documented and authenticated.

Contents of the Current Issue : VOL XI 2001-2007 (Combined Issue)

1. A Note from the Editor Download PDF- 35.3KB
– Min Bahadur Shakya

2. Notes on Contributors Download PDF – 44.1KB
– Min Bahadur Shakya

3. The Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha Download PDF- 1.92MB
– Mathew Akester

4. The Lama of the Sky Mountain : A Biographical Sketch of the Khari lama Lozang Tsultrim – Michael D. Smith Download PDF – 1.67MB

5. A Study on the Integration of Persian God and Images of Buddha: Sources of the Early Buddha Image and Its Spread to the East Asia Download PDF – 4.63MB
– Shoshin Ichishima

6. Buddhism and Quantum Physics Download PDF – 88.3KB
– Christian Thomas Kohl

7. The Practice of Charity Download Download PDF – 65.2KB
– Ven. Lama Zopa Rinpoche

8. The Eight Strict Rules for Buddhist Nuns (Asta Garu Dharma)
– D. Amarasiri Weeraratne Download PDF – 56.8KB

9. Satadharmavidyamukham of Vasubandhu Download PDF- 100KB

10. Mahayana Vimsaka and Sattvaradhanagatha of Arya Nagarjuna
– Suniti K. Pathak Download PDF – 63.6KB

11. The Samadhi of Dharmasankha described in the Aryamanjusrinamasangititika of Manjusrikirti
– Sudan Shakya Download PDF – 90KB

12. The King and the Philosopher: Historical and Textual Analysis of Milinda Panha
– Ven. Chipamong Chowdhury Download PDF – 89.8KB

13. Namo Buddha and Its Environs: A Legacy of Great Compassion
– Min Bahadur Shakya Download PDF – 5.80MB

14. Emperor Kaniska’s Contribution to Buddhism Download PDF- 49.7KB
– Ven. Bu B. Siri Sivali Thero

15. Revisiting the Times of Sakyamuni Buddha Download PDF – 1.03MB
– Shoei Ichimura

16. Notes on the Dispersed Jucker Collection Download PDF- 2.89MB
– Iain Sinclair