About us

Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies (NIBS) is the reengineering with a slight variation in name of Nagarjuna Buddhist Exact Methods (NIEM) which was established as a Buddhist Research Institute in March 1980 by my most respected father Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya with a view to enlighten Nepalese people about their own form of Buddhism, its philosophy and practice. NIBS was formally registered in the Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal as a Buddhist company. Its government registered number is 160226/073/074. Newar Buddhism is a unique tradition in itself. The nature of this tradition was observed centuries ago in Nalanda and Vikramashila Universities. Tibetan Buddhism was based on the same tradition. It has retained all the lineage and traditions of the Siddhas of India, Nepal as well as Tibet. For reinstatement of the glorious traditions and lineage of Newar Buddhism we have to seek the support from the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies aims at this very purpose of restoration through the following means: