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The present issue has appeared after a long gap. The publisher apologizes for its delayed publication. Anyway, we have increased its volume by including a substantially lengthy book review article as well as little known information about a well known Nepalese Siddha Suratavajra by a dedicated explorer Matthew Akester. It seems that scholars working on Tibetan Buddhism are growing in a large number, whereas Nepalese Buddhism and Nepal-Tibet Buddhist themes… More

Contents of the Current Issue:
1. Nagarjuna on Relative BodhicittaDownload PDF
– Min Bahadur Shakya

2. Ven. Khentse Thrangu Rinpoche: An Interview on the Karmapa Issue Download PDF
– Translated by Lochen Tulku

3. On the Revival of Newar Buddhism: One Scholar’s Reflections Download PDF
– Dr. Sarah LeVine

4. A Black Demon Peering from the West: The Crystal Cave of Suratabajra in Tibetan Download PDF
– Perspective -Mr. Matthew Akester

5. Dharmakirti’s Perception: A Case of Elision (Apo-Ha) Download PDF
– Ms. Chandana Banerjee

6. Caityas of the Valley by Niels Gutschow: A Book Review Download PDF
– Mr. Hubert Decleer

7. Triskandha Nama Mahayana Sutra Download PDF
– [Sanskrit Text and English Translation]