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After the launch of the launch of The Great Compassion Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims, we financially and materially helped the poor and seriously affected victims of the fatal earthquake that rocked the valley in April 2015. For that we must be grateful from the depth of our hearts to the compassionate donors from Vietnam, Taiwan, The United States of America. Similarly the Covid-19 outbreak emerged on this earth as one of the greatest threat to the people’s lives and nations’ economy.

The Nepal is also one of the south asian developing countries, that the Covid-19 hit the most. It has already taken lives of so many people, young and old alike. Due to the prolonged lock down period in Nepal, people’s lives had become seriously affected. Most of them were deprived of even the means to make their both ends meet. So we changed the name “The Great Compassion Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims” into “The NIBS Great Compassion Fund” and provided rescue and monetary materials to the seriously Covid-19 affected victims of Nepal. For that, we are really grateful to my intimate friend Dr. Shinn, Chaung Lai along with the Taiwanese Dharmafriends, Ven. Nun from Hong kong and Ven. Fa Shin Shakya and Chinese Dharma friends from Mainland China. Thus the NIBS Great Compassion Fund project is relentlessly working for the benefit of those in need while cherishing the Mahayana ideals in our hearts.

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