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Newar Buddhist Pujas and Buddhist Text Recitation

Puja for everyone’s benefit.

NIBS has been playing a leading role in conducting various Newar Buddhist pujas. The chief officiating priest is Rev. Deepak Bajracharya and other Bajracharyas helping him are from Vajracharya Pujavidhi Adhyayan Kendra.

Most of the times, these pujas are sponsored by the Kalyanamitras from Taiwan led by Dr. Lai, Shinn Chuang.

Newar Buddhism is a unique Mahayana Vajrayana tradition with some of its features not shared by other Buddhist traditions. It is distinguished by the presence of its colorful, vibrant and multifarious Buddhist rituals, which are officiated by the chief Vajracharya priests. These rituals mostly belong to Kriya tantra category which is one of the four Tantric systems. The Four tantric systems are 1. Kriya tantra, 2. Carya tantra, 3. Yoga tantra and 4. Anuttarayoga tantra. The Kriya tantra rituals (pujavidhi) invariably require a jajamana or patron who must follow some rules as prescribed in the Kriya tantra texts, maintaining cleanliness of body, speech and mind, and abstaining from any food until the puja is over, etc. The pure motivation is needed on the part of both the jajamana and the officiating priests for accomplishing the ritual. Both of them must have Bodhicitta aspiration in their mind. Because of the efficacy of these pure pujas, the foreigners are also found nowadays inclined towards these pujas. Because they themselves couldn’t participate in the pujas, the NIBS has been organizing various pujas on their behalf. Similarly, Newar Buddhism is known for the recitation of Buddhist sutras, dharanis. These texts are recited by Vajracaryas after being worshipped by the chief Vajracarya. That is called Pustaka puja.

Pratyangira Mahayana Sutra dharani and puja – Jun 12, 2022,

The Pratyangira Mahayana sutra dharani puja and recitation was successfully conducted at Deepak Guruju’s house. The puja was performed by Deepak Guruju as a chief priest and three other Gurujus from Bajracharya Pujavidhi recited the pratyangira sutra dharani. The full name of the sutra dharani is Tathagatosnisa Sitatapatra maha pratyangira nama Mahayana.