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Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies (NIBS) Pvt. Ltd. is the reengineering with a slight variation in name of Nagarjuna Buddhist Exact Methods (NIEM) which was established as a Buddhist Research Institute in March 1980 by my most respected father Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya with a view to enlighten Nepalese people about their own form of Buddhism, its philosophy and practice. NIBS was formally registered in the Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal as a Buddhist company. Its government registered number is 160226/073/074.

Newar Buddhism is a unique tradition in itself. The nature of this tradition was observed centuries ago in Nalanda and Vikramashila Universities. Tibetan Buddhism was based on the same tradition. It has retained all the lineage and traditions of the Siddhas of India, Nepal as well as Tibet. For reinstatement of the glorious traditions and lineage of Newar Buddhism we have to seek the support from the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies aims at this very purpose of restoration through the following means:    

Min Bahadur Shakya

Miroj Shakya

Milan Shakya

Rashmi Shakya

Our Activities

  1. Conducting Classes
  2. One of the main activities of NIBS is conducting classes on the various subjects of Newar Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. It provides the students the Non-degree Certificate after completion of their in depth courses. It invites the distinguished professors and scholars from both native country and abroad and appoint them as teachers to take those classes. NIBS also organizes intensive classes on the Buddhist Languages like, Sanskrit, Tibetan. These classes will be multi-session and level classes and will enable the students to speak those language and understand the Mahayana Vajrayana Buddhism in its original language.

  3. Conducting classes on Philosophy and Practice of Buddhism in all its phases of development.
  4. Organizing discourse programs form eminent Buddhist Masters on Theravada Buddhism, Newar Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.
  5. Organizing an academic Buddhist Lecture program. NIBS will invite various reputed professors and scholars from native country and abroad to give lecture on various Buddhist subjects.
  6. Providing training programs for the students to give Buddhist Lecture and becoming master of ceremony (public speaking).
  7. Translating and Publishing Buddhist texts from English, Sanskrit, Tibetan and other languages into simple Nepali and English.
  8. Conducting and causing others to conduct research projects on the Newar Buddhist culture, philosophy and religion.
  9. Conducting seminars and symposiums on Newar Buddhist theme and Tibetology.
  10. Publishing a newsletter “Dharmadhatu” to promote Tibeto-Newar Buddhist studies and posting them on our website.
  11. Expanding our unique Buddhist library, including the latest Newari, English Buddhist publication on any Buddhist theme. Making it a unique Buddhist library all over Nepal and serve the researcher on Buddhism by lending books.
  12. Making and expanding Nagarjuna Institute’s own corporate website www.nibs.com.np and providing the visitors with access to online NIBS online Buddhist library. The website also features the webcasting of NIBS buddhist activities like conducting Newar  Buddhist puja, festivals etc.
  13. Undertaking the Rare Newar Buddhist Buddhist Manuscript scanning project to preserve the endangered old Newar Buddhist manuscripts from extinction.
  14. Providing research facilities and counselling services to the members of NIBS who are doing Post Graduate Diploma or Master courses in Buddhist Studies.
  15. Raising the financial status of Newar Buddhist practicing Bajracharyas and Shakyas by seeking helpful financial assistance from both native and foreign donors.
  16. Running the NIBS Great Compassion Projects for financially and materially helping the people striken with natural disasters like earthquake, flood etc.
  17. Writing books and conducting researches on the cross cultural and philosophical relationship between Newar Buddhism and the Buddhism which is spreading in the foreign land like Chinese Buddhism.

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