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Mrs. Rashmi Shakya

Rashmi Shakya is an office secretary cum administrator of Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies Pvt. Ltd. Rashmi Shakya was born in Okubahal tole in 1979. She completed her School Leaving Certificate exam from Mahendra Adarsha Vidyashram, Khomultar, Lalitpur and passed in 1998 AD. She completed her gruaduation i.e Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) in 2004 AD.

As far as her Buddhist studies are concerned she passed Post Gruaduate Diploma (PGD) in Buddhist Studies in 2005 AD from the Central Department of Buddhist Studies, Tribhuvan University and passed MA (Master in Arts) on Mahayana Buddhism in 2017 AD from Sugat Buddhist College.

The title of her thesis she submitted as a partial requirement for the MA in Buddhist studies is “Life and Works of Acarya Nagarjuna”. She has written and published several academic Buddhist articles in Various magazines and journals, Life and contributions of Gunaprabha, The Four Noble Truths and so on. Together with her husband Mr. Milan Shakya she has been actively pursuing both academic and spiritual practices. She has been practicing Buddhist teachings under the most venerable Guru Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche who is also one of the spiritual directors of Nagarjuna Institute.