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In one sense, Buddhist texts in Sanskrit, Chinese and Tibetan are the Mahayana Tripitaka and shastras which constitute the Dharma jewel of the three jewels. To practice the teachings of Lord Buddha, one must study understand the dharma jewels first. Even if nowadays, there are unimaginably excessive numbers of English Buddhist texts iand many of Sutras, Abhidharmas and Shastra written in aforementioned language in English, but the most of the Nepalese devotees are seriously deprived of access to those texts simply because there is a language barrier. So they must be translated authentically into the vernacular. That’s why, one of the major projects of NIBS are Buddhist Translation, and Buddhist text reprint project.

As for Buddhist Translation project, the founder of Nagarjuna Institute of Exact Methods (which was previous name), started translating many texts from English to Nepal and Nepali Bhasa. To name just a few, Trisaranagamana was by far the oldest book which contains translations from Tibetan and English into Nepal bhasa texts of refuge and Bodhicitta. From that time onward, the NIBS has more than forty texts of Nepal and Nepali bhasa translation to its credit. It has also started reprinting those rare books translated or written by the founder himself and others which are out of stocks, like Gunakarandavyuha Sutra. please see the publication list in this page.