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Nagarjuna Institute of Buddhist Studies generally offer two short term programs of three months each for the academic year.

Summer Session – July/August/September
Winter Session – October/November/December

HBIN-100 – History of Buddhism in India and Nepal

Twelve Principal deeds of Lord Buddha, Formation of Bhiksu and Bhiksuni Sangha, First Council, Second Council and split into the traditional Sangha into Old Sangha and Mahasanghika Sangha, Third Council during the period of Asoka and eighteen sects, Fourth Councils in Anuradhapura, Srilanka and Kasmir, India, the formation of written Pali Tripitaka and Sarvastivadin Sanskrit Tripitaka. Renaissance of Mahayana Buddhism at the advent of Acarya Nagarjuna and the origin and grown of commentarial Literatures, Advent of Asanga and his followers, Renaissance of Vajrayana Buddhism and 84 Siddhas. Mythological Account of origin of Nepal valley, Historical account from the Licchhavi period to the pre Medieval Period.

HBT101 – History of Buddhism in Tibet
Pre Buddhist Religion or Mi chos, Bon po Tradition, Arrival of Buddhist texts during the time of Lha tho thori Nyentsen, First Transmission of Buddhism: Srong bstan Gampo, Thisong Deutsan and formation of the ancient Buddhist tradition by Khen lob cho sum, Ralpacan, Lang darma and persecution of Buddhism, Interegnum period, Second Transmission: Yeshe Od, the king of the Guge, Rinchen bzang po, Arrival of Atisa and beginning of Sarma Tradition, Formation of Kadampa, the eight main traditions, Mar mi dak sum and Kagyupa, Jetsun gong ma nga and Sakya tradition, Tsong Khapa and Geluk tradition, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and Rime tradition.

JOL102 – Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa
Buddha Nature, Four Mind Changings (blo ldog rnam pa bzhi): Precious Human Body, Spiritual Friend, Impermanence, Suffering of Samsara, Karma and its Result. Refuge, Practice of Bodhicitta and the Six perfection.

You have to register for the class by duly filling out the application form. The class will start only after all the students have registered their names. You have to fill out application form either in the NIEM office at Chakupat or download the PDF Application File online, print, fill out and submit it to the office with the course fee before the class kicks off. The passport size photo must be pasted on the form.